Selecting Wholesale Charms for Jewelry Making


3bfe50d28a334a9ebaf8b945cf095bb1-680-680When it comes to jewelry making, charms are one of the essential decorative items for adding the finishing touch on the whole designs. Charms are often worn on bracelets or as pendants for necklaces.

Nowadays, charms have so many appealing shapes and come in various designs. Besides, they are often a little expensive than beads and jewelry findings. So you might be dazzled at their diversity or concern about the prices while choosing proper charms for your unique designs. Honestly, it will surely be a win-win strategy for you to buy wholesale charms via various jewelry making suppliers. Because they offer wholesale charms with different designs of shapes, which can save you a lot and greatly facilitate your jewelry making.

While selecting charms for your jewelry designs, first you need to know what style of jewelry you are going to make. For example, charm bracelets for kids, you can buy wholesale charms, like enamel charm, plastic charms, resin charms, which have different cute shapes and bright colors; vintage style charm bracelets/necklaces, you will go for Tibetan style charms or metallic charms, which give a sense of retro or classic style; charm bracelets/necklaces for women, you may consider pearl charms, cubic zirconia charms, or rhinestone charms, which will make the jewelry design more girly, elegant.

However, you can also mix and match the wholesale charms together in one design, as long as you know what you really want.


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