Different Types of Aluminum Chains



Aluminium chain jewelry is fast becoming a favorite of many because it is simple and has appealing to the eye. It also has the added advantage of not being as expensive as other types of chains such as gold and silver chains. These kinds of chains can be used to make jewelry for women and men that can be used for any occasion.

Chains are a must have for any jewelry designer because they are so versatile. You can use them to make exciting jewelry piece on their own. Alternatively you can combine them with pendants or beads of your choice to come up with stunning jewelry items. Aluminium chain can be found in a number of designs online.

Light weight chains

There are twist chains which are lightweight and are easily converted to bracelets and necklaces. They are often used together with gemstones and jewelry charms to come up with amazing jewelry items. When combined with jump rings and clasps in different patterns they can be used to make elegant rings, anklets and bracelets. Aluminium is glossy and shiny and when combined with the sparkle of faceted gems these chains can produce a really stunning effect.  Other types of chains are cross chains, anchor chains and double link chains among others.

Chains made out of aluminium are cost effective alternatives to silver and gold chains. They are also made of soft metal compared to other metal chains therefore you can work in different designs. However, aluminium cannot be overworked. These chains are great because they are quite shiny. The fact that they are light in weight means you can use them to make elaborate designs without fearing that they will be too heavy for the wearer. Aluminium also has the advantage that it doesn’t tarnish as other types of material such as sterling silver.

Colored chains available

Gold 5 Strand Necklace Catalogue_Web

You will also find colored aluminium chains that few people are aware exist. Anodized aluminium is much stronger than regular aluminium chain because the extra layer these kinds of chains have ensures they are stronger than regular chains made out of aluminium. It is quite refreshing that you can get these chains in other colors apart from metal shades which will help you to diversify your designs.

If you choose to use these types of jewelry, you should make a point of purchasing online. This will save you a lot of time and energy. It will also help you to access a wide variety of chains that you would otherwise not access from your local shops. At the same time, you can shop for other jewelry making items to combine with the chains you buy. You will find that many of the sites online have helpful tips that will help you to choose the right chains for the designs you have in mind.


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