Buying Glass Beads Online



Glass beads are great materials to use in jewelry making and other handcraft activities. They stand out for their beauty and have even been used as currency in the past. They are also used a lot to make beautiful gift items as well as on works of art. These types of beads have been in existence since the times of the ancient Greeks and Romans. They come in a number of varieties and some of the popular glass beads you will find in high demand are dichroic, lampwork and vintage beads.

Buy exceptional Venetian Millefiori beads

A type of bead made from glass that stands out of the rest for its beauty is the Venetian Millefiori kind. The name sound complicated and the process of making these beads is the same. It is, therefore, fitting that these beads have such elaborate designs and make such excellent jewelry items. The name of these beads can be loosely translated to mean thousands of flowers. These beads are created by combining many pieces of long glass together.

The long pieces of glass are then heated together and then small pieces are sliced from the resulting material. These small pieces of the sliced glass are then melted onto the surfaces of single-glass beads and the result is a glass bead that looks like it is filled up with flowers. Although this process sometimes brings out geometric designs in the resulting glass beads, the common designs that are often produced are flower patterns. These Venetian Millefiori glass beads make excellent beaded necklaces, and earrings.

The other intricate type of bead made from glass that you should buy is the lampwork type. These beads are often made by hand and they are highly artistic beads with great designs that standout. With lampwork beads from Panda Hall, you have such beautiful designs to choose from. These beads make exceptional jewelry and can be used in many ways to accessorize homes, and different items of clothing.

Differentiate glass from crystal beads


Many people come across crystal beads and confuse them for the glass kind. The difference lies in the material that the beads are made out of and it is often hard for an individual to tell these beads apart. Crystal beads are much better than glass beads, but the two are similar sometimes in the way that they sparkle and the fact that they are available in various colors shapes and sizes. As jewelry maker, you need to be aware of what beads made out of glass look like and what beads made out of crystal look like. This will ensure that you do not confuse one with the other.

As you can see there are many different types of glass beads available from reputable vendors such as Panda Hall and it is good if you know what you are looking for so that you don’t make the wrong purchases. So buy beautiful beads from pandahall today!


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